We are excited to partner with QOMPLX:UNDERWRITING to offer a brand new and exciting proposition to our clients. WonderCover is a simple and powerful three-in-one protection from Cyber Data Breach, Cyber Service Outage and Terrorism Non-Damage Business Interruption.

Backed by an international insurer and well-priced, this innovative product provides covers that fill the gaps between traditional Commercial Combined and Cyber offerings.

What is WonderCover?

Cover is provided on a parametric rather than indemnity basis, meaning there are no long loss adjustment procedures and policy holders receive their benefit quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Benefits are paid on the basis of certain simple triggers:

Cyber GDPR Breach – A digital breach of personal data requiring ICO notification under GDPR.

Cyber Service Outage – A third party used by the business having an outage (Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services, etc)

Terrorism Non-Damage Business Interruption – A terrorism event occurring in the same postcode zone.

The speed of claims payment is key to ensuring SMEs can meet immediate cashflow and business needs whilst also claiming under any other valid policy.


Cover is available for benefits between £5k and £100k and the premiums are estimated to be around 5 to 10% of an SME Commercial Combined policy with premiums starting from £99.

Cyber GDPR Breach – 100% of Limit is Paid Out

Cyber Service Outage – 4% of limit payout per day, up to maximum 25 days, or 100% limit.

Terrorism NDBI – 100% of Limit is Paid Out

The constant evolution of physical and digital threats to SMEs means that insurance and ancillary products have to adapt in order to provide protection to the small business that are both the backbone of the economy and most susceptible to long term damage sustained from these unforeseeable events.

WonderCover has previously only been available via specialist platforms but can now be accessed on exactly the same terms and conditions by all brokers working with Pulse.

For more information or to obtain a quote please contact:


Example Premiums


Construction Company

1 location, 3 electronic services.

Revenue: £70,739

Limit: £5,000

Premium: £79 + IPT


Motor Vehicle Towing

1 location, 2 electronic services.

Revenue: £127,400

Limit: £10,000

Premium: £179 + IPT

Record Label

1 location, 1 electronic service.

Revenue: £251,141

Limit: £20,000

Premium: £235 + IPT