Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia

Life Insurance with Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia


It is unlikely if Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia is your only medical condition that you will be unable to find Life Insurance from most mainstream insurers.

Pulse Insurance are specialist in finding Life Insurance solutions for those who have medical conditions which may affect the availability of Life Insurance from mainstream insurers.

At Pulse, each case is individually reviewed and rated by an expert underwriter and as a consequence of this bespoke handling, there is a minimum sum insured of £25,000.

If you have other medical conditions which may present a significant impact on your health, then Pulse are likely to be able to help you.

Please search again to select your other condition(s) for more details on the availability of cover and the specific enquiry questions we will need you to answer. You should declare your Vitamin B12 Anaemia or Folate Anaemia when asked about any other conditions.

If you need any help or would like to discuss this with us, please do not hesitate to call on 01280 841430.

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