Thyroid Cancer

Life insurance after Thyroid Cancer


Life Insurance is often available for those who have had Thyroid Cancer.


Life Insurance for Thyroid Cancer Survivors

Typically, Life Insurance underwriters will ALWAYS look for all planned treatment to have been completed and then for a period of waiting to have passed without the Thyroid Cancer returning.

Pulse Insurance work with underwriters who are typically willing to consider providing Life Insurance to those who have been successfully treated for Thyroid Cancer after much shorter waiting periods  – sometimes just 12 months after treatment ends depending on the Thyroid Cancer staging/grading.


Key Life Insurance Issues for Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s

There is a wide variety and depth of complexity to be appreciated and that drive the cost and availability of Life Insurance after Thyroid Cancer.


Thyroid Cancer Grades & Progression

Thyroid Cancer is graded and staged when diagnosed. The progression and severity of your Thyroid Cancer before treatment will also mean your situation while not completely unique is can be quite specific to you.

Where Thyroid Cancer has progressed or metastised, it will be more difficult and expensive to find cover.


Other Conditions or Complications

Thyroid Cancer may occur alongside other health complications or when other pre-existing medical conditions are present. These may have a bearing on the availability and cost of Life Insurance.



Typical treatments include radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy. However, combinations of treatment and ever newer techniques and drugs are thankfully emerging and being trialled all the time.

Our Underwriters closely monitor and analyse these changes to ensure they can objectively and fairly interpret the implications of such progress. This means that they are sometimes able to offer life cover, when a few years ago this was not possible.


“All Clear”

The time that has elapsed since the last treatment and since scans have revealed no Thyroid Cancer remains present or detectable will have a major impact on pricing.

In some cases, our life underwriters can provide cover from just one year afterwards, treatment has concluded.


If you need a specialist underwriter

Pulse specialise in taking your Thyroid Cancer and any other specific conditions and needs into account and finding you Life Insurance cover, if it is available.  

We use our knowledge and experience to find a solution when other Life Insurers have declined to quote.


Why Pulse Insurance?

  • Pulse Insurance have been focused on finding unusual cover since 1998
  • We strive to offer caring and sensitive service
  • We are knowledgeable insurance professionals who work as a team
  • We provide a personal service to guide you through
  • If we cannot help, it will not be for the want of trying or know-how

While finding cover for everyone is not always possible and the premium will be higher to reflect increased risk, we like to think we are rather good at helping people find the cover they need. 

In 95% of Thyroid Cancer cases we can offer indicative premiums and/or sense of if cover may be available or not early on; so, you can decide to proceed or not.


Being Transparent

It is always important to declare your Thyroid Cancer and any other medical conditions completely.  Failure to be transparent with any insurer can result in a claim being denied – confounding the very reason for paying any premium in the first place.


Your Health & Beyond

Your Pulse underwriting specialist will look to gain a detailed picture of your condition and you should take care to disclose everything.

As you have a medical condition, it is possible that underwriters will need to seek a Doctor’s report or for you to undergo medical examinations, blood tests or other tests that will confirm your health to allow them to quote an accurate premium and confirm cover details. The costs involved in obtaining the medical information are usually paid by the underwriter, but if not, you will be informed before they are requested.

Pulse will never sell your details to anyone ever. We will use your details to provide the service you have asked for according to the permissions you grant us– read our Privacy and Data Protection policy in full.


Medical Reports

If you have any recent or relevant medical reports, these can enable underwriters to provide a more accurate indication. 
Please send these either to [email protected] or post them to us
n.b. Do not worry if you don’t have any medical reports as they are not usually needed to give an indication of cover / cost.
It may be necessary anyway for separate specific medical reports to be sought if you decide to proceed with an application.
If you have any queries, please give a member of the team a call on 01280 841430.


Additional Covers

Pulse may be able to offer covers beyond everyday Life Insurance to give you the peace of mind and protection you desire. 

These may include: –

  • Beyond Life Insurance
    • Income Replacement after Thyroid Cancer
    • Travel Insurance with or after Thyroid Cancer
  • Inheritance tax (inter vivos)
    • Life Insurance and IHT
    • Life Insurance trusts
  • Company Director & Employees
    • Support for cover arranged by a firm
    • Tax advantages
    • Employee benefits

The reasons you may need life cover may be simple or complex, but having the right covers brings peace of mind for you and your family.


Useful Thyroid Cancer resources

We suspect if you have read this far, you are relatively well informed about your Thyroid Cancer.

You may know of or find these external resources useful; although Pulse are inevitably not responsible or in control of the accuracy or nature of the information provided.

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