Gestational Diabetes

Life insurance with Gestational Diabetes


Life Insurance is often available for those with Gestational Diabetes.

The following guidance is aimed at those who have been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes.


Key Issues for Gestational Diabetes 

Being diagnosed with Gestational diabetes usually means lifestyle changes and does make finding Life Insurance more difficult for some, but not all diabetics. Pulse Insurance may able to find cover for gestational diabetics when other insurers decline.

If you have good control and do not have complications arising from diabetes (such as peripheral neuropathy) you could consider approaching mainstream insurers first.  Some may even be able to offer instant, online cover.

The main aspects affecting the availability and cost of Life Insurance for diabetics are: –

  • Blood sugar levels – In most cases, you will need to provide your latest HbA1c readings (taken within the last 6 months). Your average blood sugar levels inform the insurer about the risk of developing diabetes-related conditions
  • Age – The age when you are diagnosed is often a significant factor
  • Stability – More stable and controlled diabetes is an obvious advantage
  • Lifestyle – Making lifestyle as recommended by your doctor can help
  • Complications – If diabetes has or may lead to other conditions, this can make cover more expensive and difficult to obtain
  • Exclusions – Some insurers keep premium down with restrictions or exclusions. You need to be careful these are acceptable.


Conditions which may jointly occur with Gestational Diabetes

It is not always the case that these multiple conditions go hand in hand. However, where other condition present this can also impact.

It is of course common for those with Gestational Diabetes to also have blood pressure or high cholesterol or a high BMI (weight to height ratio) that need to be managed as well.

Equally, there are some “unrelated” conditions which may pre-exist your diabetes that makes things more difficult.

In all cases, if you have multiple conditions whether directly related or caused by your other Gestational Diabetes, please ensure you tell us about all of them.

Your application with Pulse Insurance will always be individually considered by our underwriters based on the specifics of the details you provide.

If you are at all unsure how to proceed, please to not hesitate to give our friendly Pulse Team a call on 01280 841430

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