Swimming inc. open water/ channel and triathlons

Life Insurance for Swimming


It is not usually difficult to obtain cover for the majority of swimming activity from mainstream insurers.

There are a relatively small number of fatalities associated with swimming in the UK, however as a as percentage of the number of participants, the risks are nevertheless present.

Some forms of swimming do bring higher risk including:-

  • open water swimming
  • endurance swimming
  • channel crossings and similar 
  • triathlon swimming

But, even these types of swimming will not see many life insurers decline to offer cover unless you are older or have health problems or if you engage in these activities professionally or semi-professionally.


When you may need Pulse Insurance

Pulse Insurance are specialists in finding cover when other insurers decline which may be because of:-

– hazardous sports & leisure pursuits

– serious medical conditions

– higher ages

– high risk occupation

– dangerous working or living location

– residency issues

– the need for high sums insured or a more bespoke policy to support Inheritance Planning objectives


Sometimes insurers may decline to cover you for combination of reasons such as age, health and activity.

If you have been declined for whatever reason(s) as above and Pulse may be able to help. We can find often cover when others decline subject to a minimum sum insured of £25,000.

Pulse specialise in high risk and insuring the unusual.  

If you have been declined cover for any or even several of the reasons above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01280 841430 so we can discuss things and set about finding you the cover you need.

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