Rugby including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sevens

Life Insurance for Rugby Players

Taking part in Professional Rugby or even some Pro-Amateur Rugby may impact on your life insurance cover and the consequences may or may not be significant.
Fortunately, while rugby does see occasional serious injury during scrums or from head injuries, deaths are extremely rare.

Perhaps more significantly, the physical bulk and muscle gained through training sometimes sees rugby players exceed “normal” body mass index limits set by some insurers. This means these insurers can decline to cover you based on a high BMI, regardless of the fact your fitness, monitoring of health and structured training regimes which may reduce the real risk.

Different mainstream insurers have developed different responses to covering Rugby players. If you have not been declined life insurance by the mainstream insurers, you may well be best trying to find cover in this way in the first instance.

If you have been declined cover, then Pulse may well be able to help.
We offer cover for a number of higher risk sports including Rugby including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sevens at amateur levels and beyond.

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