Caving inc./or Bouldering, Potholing, Speleology, etc.

Life Insurance for Cavers, Potholers and Speleologists, etc.


Your Caving / Pot Holing may impact on your life insurance cover and that may or may not be marginal in costs terms or even see caving excluded. There can be a big difference between someone who goes Caving a handful times a year with a Club and those who are active every weekend, who plan their own activities and descend further / where the caves are more technical.

Although we recognise that the various labels applied to these pursuit are used specifically and that Caving or Bouldering or Potholing, Speleologist and so on do vary, for the purposes of Life Insurance, the pertinent facts are more or less the same and so for simplicity and elegance we will use Caving / Cavers hereafter (if only because the words are shorter!)

Broadly speaking, the price and availability of life insurance cover will depend on the extent of your Caving and if you have any medical conditions which might impact you when Caving and/or when not wearing your hard hat. There may be little or no additional cost or the increased risk may see a significant loading for some.

The worst outcome to be avoided, if possible, is that your Life Insurance excludes your Caving from your policy; meaning your peace of mind protection is removed when you are logically most at risk. Pulse aim to find that cover does not have any such blanket exclusions.

Pulse are specialists in finding cover for Caving and other higher-risk pursuits when many insurers are simply declining to quote or wish to exclude Caving.

Make a Life Insurance Enquiry

If you need a specialist underwriter.

If you have not been able to get a suitable quotation for Life cover, Pulse specialise in taking your Caving and any other specific conditions and needs into account and finding Life Insurance cover, if it is available.

We use our knowledge and experience to find a solution when other Life Insurers have declined to quote. Each enquiry is treated individually by our underwriters and not simply rejected or accepted by a computer-based system.

Your Caving Activity & Experience

We have a specifically prepared set of Caving – related questions which you should complete when making an enquiry.

These cover pertinent aspects of your Caving including for example:-

  • your Caving experience and affiliation with a Club
  • the number and type and duration of your expeditions
  • the location and depth and category of caves explored
  • who you go Caving with
  • if diving is involved please also review / complete our Diving questions

If you feel we have not asked something relevant, please do not hesitate to add it in your enquiry or call to discuss this with us on 01280 841430.

This lets our underwriters assess your activity specifically.

Your Health Background

It is possible your health may have as much or more impact on Life Insurance availability. You can begin by reviewing the dedicated details about any medical condition(s) on this website.

You can / should declare any medical conditions to us when you make an enquiry. Again, we have prepared specific questions for many conditions. If you are in perfect health, you will be asked to confirm this on your actual Life Insurance application.

Our Indication of Cover Availability and Cost

By providing all your details clearly and accurately, you allow our underwriter(s) to build an individual picture of you and your Caving.

We know that getting and early idea if you can be covered and what kind of premium costs is involved is important.

We usually give an indication of premium and cover availability within 5 days.

Our policyholders tell us it is important to learn the availability of cover and to get an idea of price quickly.

Why Pulse Insurance?

  • Pulse Insurance have been focused on finding unusual cover since 1998
  • We strive to offer a caring and sensitive service
  • We are knowledgeable insurance professionals who work as a team
  • We provide a personal service to guide you through
  • If we cannot help, it will not be for the want of trying or know-how

While finding cover for everyone is not always possible and the premium will be higher to reflect your increased risk, we like to think we are good at helping people find the cover they need.

In most cases, we can offer indicative premiums and/or sense of if cover may be available or not early on; so, you can decide to proceed or not.

Being Transparent

It is always important to declare your Caving and any medical conditions completely.

Your Personal & Medical Details

Everything you disclose about your Health and any underlying conditions to any life insurer or life agent should be treated with sensitivity and appropriate levels of privacy.

Requirements for more information

While our initial enquiry may not gather enough information to provide an indication of cost, our insurers may ask for more in depth information regarding your Caving or any medical conditions. Sometimes the details you can provide may allow them to reduce the premium they seek.

If you have a medical condition, it is possible that underwriters will need to seek a Doctor’s report or for you to undergo medical examinations, blood tests or other tests that will confirm your health to allow them to quote an accurate premium and confirm cover details. The costs involved in obtaining the medical information are usually paid by the underwriter, but if not, you will be informed before they are requested.

Pulse will never sell your details to anyone. We will use your details to provide the service you have asked for according to the permissions you grant us– read our Privacy and Data Protection policy in full.

Additional Covers

Pulse may be able to offer covers beyond everyday Life Insurance to give you the peace of mind and protection you desire.

Beyond Life Insurance

More Life Insurance

The reasons you may need life cover may be simple or complex, but having the right cover brings peace of mind for you and your family.

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