Oil & Natural Gas Rig / Offshore Workers

Life Insurance for Engineers

Key Considerations for Offshore Oil & NaturalGas Rig Workers

Many types of Offshore Rig Workers can usually find Life Insurance at standard or modestly increases terms with certain insurers.

However, many factors are considered and may seem some insurers decline either individual or group policies.

Underwriters will look at the following (incomplete) list of risks/aspects:-

  • Job Role
    • Lower risk administrative/servicing (e.g. office /catering)
    • Higher risk involving machinery / working directly on the rig platform
    • Working at height
    • Working on a rig or at a refinery
    • Any changes in role / duties or employer
  • Location
    • UK waters tend to be seen as lower risk
    • Remote locations away form help / primary medical facilities
    • Where any security or conflict risks are heightened
  • Transportation
    • The distance and nature of the journey to the rig
    • The need / use of helicopters other transport

There are many other factors including the company employing, your experience and qualifications and the length of each stay on site.

Any medical conditions will also be taken into consideration.

Cover may be declined by some insurers

If you find that you are:-

  • Unable to get cover at all from other insurers
  • Unable to get the level of cover you need
  • Declined because of medical conditions or any hazardous sports or hobbies

Pulse Insurance specialise in finding cover when others decline. We cannot always find cover for everyone, but we like to think that if it is available, we will find it.

How Pulse Insurance can help?

  • The team at Pulse Insurance are experienced and approachable
  • We are here to help find you the cover you need
  • We specialise in finding cover for unusual risks – it is what we do every day
  • We treat each case as individual so that your actual risk is fairly assessed
  • We talk directly to our underwriters to find the right cover for each person
  • If insurance is available, we like to think we know the underwriter who can!

How to enquire / apply

  • Our team will work to understand the specifics and guide you
  • We have created a simple process for you to provide us with the relevant information.
  • We will typically provide an indication of premium within 5 business days (often sooner)
  • If you wish to proceed we then arrange for your formal application and arrange cover

You can begin your Enquiry online below to send us details of the cover you need and your work, any medical conditions or hazardous sports and hobbies.

OR we always welcome you calling us to talk things through or an email enquiry – go to our contact details.

NB Typically, Pulse Insurance find Life Insurance cover for 85% of those who have been declined by one or more insurers.

Beyond Life Insurance

We recognise that Life Insurance only makes a difference if the worst should happen. Pulse are also able to discuss a range of other cover which may be relevant or desired to Offshore Workers including :-

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us –  you can call on 01280 841430.

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