Armed Forces Personnel (Army,Navy, RAF)

Life Insurance for Armed Forces Personnel (Army, Navy, RAF)

Here at Pulse, we believe that if a solution is available, we will help you find it.  

However, if you are currently in the Armed Forces or Reserves and working under orders, then unfortunately we are unable to provide cover.  You may like to visit the the SLI website ( to see whether their cover is suitable.  Insurance is provided by Covea under contract with the MOD, who own the website and its content.  We cannot recommend or advise whether the insurance there will be suitable but it is designed for serving members of the Armed Forces.  Pulse is not involved with this in any way.

If you are a Reservist and in your own time you take on a Service-type job overseas in a conflict zone which exposes you to danger – you will not be covered by the SLI insurance (SLI only covers you if in doing the job in question you are acting under the official orders and approval of HM Forces).  Pulse can often help in these situations and can often arrange life insurance for those working in hazardous countries or in private security roles.

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